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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  December 1, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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saturday, saturday night storm that will be coming up the coast as well. so, wow, off to a roaring start this december. reagan national today at 54 degrees. dulles was 58. bwi marshal 50. lots of sunshine but those clear skies out there still allowing temperatures to get a little bit chilly. the clouds are coming in and they'll thicken as we go through the night but not in time to prevent gaithersburg from dropping down to 39 degrees. frederick 36. hagerstown still 46. martinsburg a chilly 33 degrees. so we will have some places obviously close to the freezing mark tonight. but clouds are now starting to come on in and they will thicken as we get closer to morning. but that full -- nearly full moon out there will be full at 2:30 in the morning. we might have a little ring around it from the crystallized clouds. here is our storm system. you can also see some of the snow they were seeing in west texas today that accumulated to a small apartment even in lubbock. this is an area of low pressure that will be moving in our
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direction. rain will begin here sometime aft noon hour. just waiting a little bit long forethis area of high pressure which has ruled the weather for the last day or so. that will move out of the way. clouds are obviously on their way in. and that area of low pressure will track to our west this time. it will be heading to the tennessee valley. so that means a big push of warm air comes in, especially just south of d.c. i'm not sure we'll get into the warm sector but in that warm sector, there are going to be some thunderstorms popping up. the low itse will track up to our north and west. so when it takes that kind of a track, it's definitely more of a rain scenario for us. there is a risk of severe weather tomorrow, though. it does include the lowest portions of the delmarva down through maybe the northern neck of virginia and on into the carolinas down to florida. that means there's a possibility of some gusty winds, maybe some hail with the thunderstorms. while we're not outlooked here in d.c. for the severe risk, we could indeed have a thunderstorm tomorrow night so we'll watch that closely. max hd futurecast at 11:00 tonight, you can see the clouds rolling in for your morning rush hour but still dry luckily. by noon rain just down to our south.
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maybe as close as fredricksburg. but by the ti we get into the evening rush hour, it will be here and maybe even some thunderstorms that you can see off to our east. by 11:00 most of it iout of here and thursday morning looks like it will be starting on the dry side. might be an early morning shower. but that's pretty good news for the pageant of peace down at the mall for thursday. it's a pretty decent forecast for them. we get the bulk of the rain over tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon and into the overnight hours. thursday looks like a dry day, about 59 degrees. i put an early shower on there in case it didn't exit but i have a feeling it's going to be out on time. on saturday i have a rain-snow mix. it will come up the coast. we'll have to watch it closely. there is an outside chance of some small accumulation but i bulk of it is going to be off shore. but it's only tuesday. keep watching it. >> thank you, sue. mogul rupert murdoch says news companies cannot survive if they do not charge for online news. he's the chairman of news
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corps. he says media companies have to convince consumers to pay for news content on the web. >> the old business model based on advertising only is dead. let's face it. a business model that relies primarily on online advertising cannot sustain up ins over the long term -- newspapers over the long term. >> he also said good journalism is expensive. fox 5 is own by news corps. president bush ups the antee -- rather obama in afghanistan. how he's firing back at his critics. here's something you don't hear every day. a priest attacking another priest. we're going to tell you how this one went down. and yoga instructors looking for a fight. we're going to break down their battle brewing in virginia next on the news edge at 11:00. (announcer)  we're in the energy business.
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this isn't exactly the happy nuptials she were all hoping for. a big fight broke out at a wedding in peru leaving one bride at the altar. turns out the man she was about to marry was already married with two kids. he was given the beatdown in the middle of the ceremonial. started punching him, wailing on him. even chased him out of the room. guess what? he took his beating and left without saying i do. in texas a 77-year-old deacon fought off three men who tried to rob his church sunday morning. bill hamett had just put the sunday oftenning -- offerings in the safe when three men came in and demanded cash. he told them he didn't have any money and then jumped into action. >> slugged them in the throat with my fist. he went down. about the same time he started to go down, they hit me up side the head and i went down. what would i have done had i had a pistol handy. i said i would have shot him and i would have shot to kill.
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>> he was knocked unconscious in the fight but is doing okay. the robbers got his wallet but not the offering. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. this is the epicenter of violent extremism practiced by al qaeda. it is from here that we were attacked on 9/11 and it is from here that new attacks are being plotted as i speak. >> president obama making his case for a troop surge in afghanistan. his plan? send 30,000 more u.s. troops to the war-torn country beginning this month. getting just as much attention, plans for withdrawal 18 months from now. critics have slammed the president for the idea. tonight he fired back. tom fitzgerald live in the newsroom with this one now. >> reporter: let's look at the speech. the president said tonight that his reasoning for announcing the u.s. troops would leave afghanistan in only 18 months is he wanted to make it clear to the afghan government and its people their country cannot
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be depending on itself for support and the wachusett not just be there -- an the u.s. would not just be there forever. the president paid the speech tonight at the u.s. military academy at west pounce. he argued that the u.s. had allowed itself to be distracted by the iraq war during the bush administration which allowed the war in afghanistan to drag on. the. said his troop deployment is aimed at securing regions of the country which are still threatened or under taliban control. >> the 30,000 additional troops that i'm announcing tonight will deploy in the first part of 2010, the fastest possible pace. so that they can target the insurgency and secure key population centers. >> reporter: the president went on the offensive tonight taking on his critics who have argued that he was already endangering this new strategy by announcing a withdrawal date before the new troops even arrived. president obama says he is leaving the return date open,
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would only allow afghanistan to have a blank check with no pressure to back up its own army. >> what we need to achieve to secure our interests. furthermore the absence of a time frame for transition would deny us any sense of urgen in working with the afghan government. >> reporter: another big question about all this comes with the cost. it will not be cheap. the white house is telling us tonight they expect this deemployment will cost about $30 billion. that is money, brian, that congress and this administration will have to come up with. >> tom, 30,000 troops is less than the military had asked for. do the leaders have any plan to make up the difference here? >> reporter: they're talking about 10,000 troops more that are going to be needed, brian. great britain has already said they're only going to donate 500 troops. you're basically looking at a
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gap of 9,500 troops. that addition from great britain alone is only 1 % of what the u.s. is putting into this right now so there are a lot of coalition and nato forces which are going to be leaned upon over the next few weeks to donate their fair share of this force in afghanistan. >> tom fitzgerald live in the newsroom. now to the accused white house party crashers in yet another twist in this story. according to e-mails obtained by the associated press, the salahis admitted they went to last week's state dinner without a confirmed invitation. fox 5's bob barnard has more on the invitation confession. bob? >> reporter: brian, eager to press the flesh with the rich and powerful to help raise their public profile in a quest for fame and fortune, tareq and michaele salahi went to the white house last tuesday night hoping to get a last-minute invite to the obamas' first state dinner, an invitation that never came. but that didn't stop the couple from trying or the secret service from letting them in. now we get a somewhat clearer picture of the exchange tareq
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and michaele salahi had with the pentagon official who tried to get them put on the list. michele jones orks for defense secretary gates and in the hours before the dinner wrote, i will call or e-mail as soon as i get word one way or the other but it doesn't seem likely. jones later called the salahis and left a message with the bad news there would be no invitation. after the dinner tareq salahi wrote to jones telling her his cell phone battery died early this evening while we were in d.c. and he didn't get the message. salahi says he and michaele went to the white house to just check in in case it got approved since we didn't know and our name was indeed on the list. salahi thanked jones saying they had a wonderful evening. she replied, you are most welcome. i hear the smile in your e- mail. i'm delighted you and michaele had a wonderful time. the secret service says it made a mistake letting the salahis into the white house. the now infamous couple and the dector of the secret service
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are to appear before congress on thursday to answer some tough questions, brian. >> bob barnard tonight. michaele and tareq spent much of the day in the limelight. they appeared first on the today show and in georgetown a media frenzy greeted them as they arrived for a photo shoot. they wouldn't answer any questions there but on the today show they claim their appearance at the white use has made their lives unbearable. >> i can tell you this has been the most devastating that's ever happened to us. we're greatly saddened by all the circumstances that have been involved in for are traying my wife and i as party crashers. i can tell you we did not party crash the white house. >> well, besides today's photo shoot, michaele was seemingly unfaced by the media blitz. tiger woods' legal trouble all over, but tonight there's rampant speculation about what led to his car crash last week. by now you've seen the pictures of what happened early friday
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outside his florida home. tiger crashed his suv into a fire hydrant and then a tree. today the florida highway patrol announced they are giving tiger a traffic ticket for careless driving. >> this was a single vehicle crash with a single occupant. unfortunately it is one of thousands that occurs in our state each year. mr. woods has satisfied the requirements of florida law by providing his driver's license, registration and proof of insurance to us. >> he'll have to pay a $164 fine. meantime conflicting stories are prompting speculation about a possible domestic dispute. there are some reports the crash followed an argument between woods and his wife over an alleged affair with a new york club hostess. a virginia priest accused of some ungod-like behavior. associate director charles smith from our lady of angels in woodbridge faces assault charges. police say he attacked a fellow priest sending him to the hospital with a cut on his face. the men apparently started
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arguing in the rectory and then it turned physical. no word what sparked the feud. father smith is due in court december 4. a developing story in southeast d.c. a carjacking inned with two people shot. >> reporter: it happened around 9:00 on 4th street. details still coming in right now, but we are told that the suspect tried to carjack the victim. gunfire erupted. when it was over somehow both men had gunshot wounds. the suspect in critical condition. the victim is expected to be okay. long lines at centreville high school in clifton, virginia tonight. voters turning out for a primary to determine the republican nominee in the special election for the state senate seat being vacated by ken cuccinelli who is now attorney general. no results yet but we will keep you posted. did you take advantage of cyber monday? online retailers say this year was better than last. the sales were up 13.7% over
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last year with consumers spending an average $108 each. they also -- $180 each. they also say with all the bargains, consumers got more for their money this year. yoga is supposed to be all about relaxation but tonight it's at the center after bitter battle. he's infamous for throwing his shoes at president bush. now he's gotten a taste of his own medicine. wait till you see what happened next. a quick check of our rundown. 
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child's pose, downward dog. yoga is supposed to be about relaxation but a group of yoga instructors are postering themselves for a fierce fight against the state of virginia. it's because the state wants to
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regulate how the exercise classes are taught. john henrehan explains. >> reporter: the state doesn't care who teaches yoga but when these week began teaching teachers of yoga in their little studio just outside of alexandria, authorities informed them they need to be certified. >> we got a nice letter from the state telling us to comply or get shut down or go to prison. that's how we found out. >> reporter: failure to register and get certified is a vocational school in virginia can lead to a prison sentence of up to a year. but the two instructors and a third yoga teacher have now filed suit in u.s. district court in alexandria claiming their rights are being violated. >> teaching after all is speech, pure and simple. undethe first amendment you wouldn't have to get the government's permission before you made a yoga dvd or wrote a book or magazine article about
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yoga. likewise, the government has no role in making you get its permission before you teach a yoga instructor course. >> reporter: some of state regulations are clearly meant to protect consumers. for example,the law requires schools to post the numbers of previously enrolled students who actually go on and find work as teachers. governor tim kaine who hadn't heard about the yoga lawsuit generally defended the state's desire to regulate vocational schools. >> folks who hold themselves out as teachers and charge for that generally have to comply with some standards to try and protect the public so the folks don't get ripped off. >> reporter: the state council of higher education says the local instructors have until march to get certified as a vocationaschool. the teachers hope their lawsuit will force virginia to be more flexible about yoga instruction. john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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up next, thousands of vo line sexual predators are getting the boot. the new steps taken to keep your kids face on -- safe on facebook and myspace. we're back in two minutes. (announcer)  we're in the energy business.
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( children giggling ) sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. tickets available now at facebook and myspace getting rid of online predators. they closed the accounts of over 3500 convicted sex offenders in new york. the state's attorney general had urged the sites to do so.
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shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> web surfers exposed. the number one topic people are searching online. number one, king of pop michael jackson is still tops. according to yahoo, google and bing, he was the number one search topic. also on yahoo's most searched list of 2009 the twilight movie stars and of course the movies themselves. the world wrestling entertainment, actress megan fox and britney spears. number four, beweary of unchris ted e-mails offering swine flu vaccine. they claim to be from the centers for disease control but if you click on them, they'll download a virus to your computer allowing a hacker to your personal information. if you need a new job, the u.s. census is hiring. ey need more than a million temp workers. you must be able to read and write english, be a u.s. citizen, be 18 or older with a valid social security number.
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you can find all the details on ness number two, it is world aids day. people with h.i.v. and aids are at higher risk for swine flu. the cdc is still pushing priority groups to get vaccinated and there are now 70 million h1n1 vaccines available. and number one tonight, virginia statewide smoking ban is now in effect. that means no one lighting newspaper bars or restaurants unless they have separate smoking rooms with ventilation systems. employers are also required to ask employees to sign affidavit saying they are willing to work in a sming section. go to to check out all of tonight's top five. just click on web links. did you see it? a shoe attack on the shoe attacker. the iraqi who threw his shoes at former president george w. bush was almost hit by a shoe himself. he was describing his famous insult at a press conference in paris when a man hurled his
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shoe at him. didn't stop there. his brother chased the attacker and belted him with a shoe as he left the room. afterwards he joked that guy stole his technique. everybody keeping the shoes on in the ether department today. >> you might want to find something to cover upthe shoes tomorrow because it looks like a good soaker is coming our way, brian. it doesn't get started until after noon around here, though. rain maybe concentrated between 6:00 and 8:00. a live look outside. streets are dry at this hour. we still have mainly clear skies and by the way, a nearly full moon. it will be full at about 2:30 in the morning. you may see it out there with a little halo around it. those are the ice crystals from the serous clouds that are rolling into the area. by the time we wake up in the morning, i think it will be fairly cloudy. here's what we're watching. it's an area of low pressure percolating in the gulf of mexico. they've had very heavy rain in the houston area and new orleans. you can see there's a little bit of snow on the back side of it. the nearest rain is already getting up just about into
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south carolina, evenportions of charlotte might be beginning to see a couple of light showers just on down to the south. that's what's going to be heading our way. the bulk of that will occur tomorrow afternoon. let's talk about what we're going to expect temperature wise. our temperature trend for the next several days, not bad on thursday. tomorrow about 53 degrees. that's actually above average for this time of year. thursday not bad at all, 59 degrees. we might have a very early morning shower, but i have a feeling it's going to be out of here. but that high temperature will probably occur earlier in the day and fall a little bit as we go through the day. we have a couple cold days coming up for you. friday 49 degrees. a very chilly day. some of the coldest air we've seen so far this season rolling into town on saturday. only 49 degrees. some places may only be in the upper 30s. i've got to tell you there's yet another storm we need to watch for the weekend. this one could be a rain-snow mix saturday night especially. we'll watch that for you closely. everything depends on the track of the next storm which will be a lot different from the track of tomorrow's storm which will be a pure rainstorm.
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temperatures tonight because the skies have been clear for a few hours, we've gotten a little bit chilly out there. 36 in frederick. 46 in annapolis. gaithersburg down to 37. manassas down to 34. down toward culpeper 37 degrees. that should be about it although you may fall another degree or two up toward the northeast we look to find new york city at 43. binghamton at 34 and ptsburgh at 37. down to our far to our south as well as to our west, we find where our storm system is setting up and we can also see the begins of the cold air starting to pour into the northern plains. that's the kind of cold air that will be on the move later this week and setting up for a rather rainy and very questionable weekend for us in terms of the saturday precipitation and just how far off the coast that next area of low pressure tracks. but for your wednesday morning, it looks like it will be mostly cloudy at 8:00 42 degrees. some clouds and maybe some showers just south of d.c. at the noon hour, 50 degrees. by 5:00 the rain is here. that rain may be moderate at times. i think we're going to pick up
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close to an inch of rain during the day tomorrow. max hd futurecast shows us the clouds that are going to be rolling in closer to morning rush hour but no rain to deal with which you can clearly see it down to our south and west. where does it get tuesday by 1:00? already raining. just about everywhere through d.c. but light stuff. the heavy stuff between about 6:00 and 9:00 and by 11:00 mostly to our east which you can also see that we have some possible thunderstorms we'll be dealing with, emily east of washington -- especially east of washington tomorrow. your five-day forecast, the rain mainly tomorrow. thunderstorm possible wednesday night into thursday morning but most of thursday is dry. great news for the pageant of peace. we talked about friday being chilly. saturday a very, very cold rain if not a little bit of snow mixed in. we'll watch that one closely now. sunday 45 degrees. we'll be rebounding by then. don't go anywhere. dave feldman is talking wizards and the frig when we come back. (dial-up mupem)
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